a very dangerous disease that currently can’t be cured. it will destroy your immune system until even a cold can kill you.

contrary to what most of these h-m-phobic twelve-year-olds added as the definition, aids can be aquired through any form of s-x with a carrier. in fact, you don’t even have to have s-x. just sharing blood or drinking breastmilk (this applies to everyone, not just babies) can give you aids.
h-m-phobic middle schoolers should learn a little bit more about aids before they add some r-t-rded definition to urban dictionary.
a lab created disease, originally created to demolish the gays and black americans, by the government. no one wants to admit this, because we are all in denial. how do you think aids, just came out of “no where”? it didn’t. think about it.
highest rates of hiv/aids are african-americans (2008)

highest rates of hiv/aids are gays. (1988)
aids is a virus that was released to the public to control population from getting out of hand. the united stated government then tried to blame it on a bunch of gays, simply because the government doesn’t like them.
when the usa govemnment feels like they’ve killed enough people, they will release the vaccine that was created around the same time the aids virus was.

don’t blindly follow what your leaders say. aids is not a natural virus. they wanted to kill a bunch of people on purpose. it didn’t start in africa, it didn’t start with h-m-s-xuals.
acquired immune deficiency syndrome, caused by the retrovirus hiv. transmitted by exposure to contaminated body fluids, such as blood and s-m-n.
that woman has aids.
a virus that was released to the public as means of population control; regardless of gender, ethnicity, s-xual preference or lifestyle. very clever indeed.
in a clever attempt to blame the ‘morally corrupt’ for the spread of aids which would lead to a series of phobias, the medical industry further benefits from high-priced treatments, further sucking the income out of the wallets of those inhabiting planet earth.
-n-lly injected death sentence.
a rather cruel parody of aquired immune difficiency syndrome.
“aids is a terrible disease to make fun of.”
aquired immmune deficiency syndrome – late stage progression of hiv infection. transmissable through bodily fluid exchange or blood to blood contact. least concentration in bodily excretory products, low concentration in saliva (and one’s own saliva may provide some protection) in v-g-n-l secretions (though still present) highest concentration in s-m-n. crosses across gender, age and socio-econimic boundaries, though usually more quickly progressing the lower down the ladder the sufferer is, due to lack of access to medical care. on the rise in the 15-24 demographic in the united states. easily avoidable, but thankfully more and more (in the united states) becoming a “chronic” disease like herpes due to the availability of more and better retro-viral therapies.
the comic elaine boosler has said “wouldn’t it be great if you could only get aids by giving money to television preachers?”

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