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  • al bundying

    the act of turning down s-x from your so as a man. omg, i can’t believe my boyfriend was al bundying me, is he cheating on me? the act of sleeping/relaxing with your hand down your pants. al bundy always sits on the couch with his hand down his pants. “billy bob is al bundying […]

  • aleighya

    beautiful inside and out. one of the funniest people you will meet. so incredible. always up for an adventure. terrible at math. such a romantic person, her lover is lucky to have such a beautiful soul. everyone loves aleighya. hi aleighya.

  • alenete

    a funny and caring girl. when she is not happy she will look more tall then usual…which is not good. you should not touch and lose her stuff. all in all she cares about her friends and likes rice krispies. that girl alenete looks taller than usual maybe you shouldn’t have done that.

  • amarildo

    rare person with high skills and abilities. one of the mos trusted persons you may meet during your life. usually this kind of person speak to much. you are far away from amarildo’s skills.

  • anis najihah

    a person that really cute and funny. has perfect personality and beautiful girl in the world anis najihah so beautiful girl in the world… beautiful person anis najihah is beautiful person in the world

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