ail, ailing, ailed, ailment (verb, noun, interjection)

an expression of some volume, high pitched and whining, meant to portray a sense of happiness or provide pedestrians with some distraction. the act of ailing is usually performed while extremely intoxicated, usually by a narcotic agent such as marijuana. ailing is, as a rule, intended to bewilder and stun onlookers. in recent parlance, the word “ailment” has been appropriated for use in defining one’s intoxication level.
ex. the cond and i exchanged ails as he approached the party with a case of budweiser.

ex. the joggers were stunned by the loud droning ail emanating from the p-ssing cadillac.

ex. “hey dude, what’s your ailment?”
“i’m f-cking destroyed, man”
person who gets a lot of sh-t from people usually for little or no reason. on the occasion she does get it, it’s because she’s being holier-than-thou.
-from gamefaqs
omgwtf i hatzorz ail she’s a wich lolol!
exlaimation. gross, repulsive or otherwise undesireable. can be attributed to things, people, or actions that make you want to regurgitate.
i can’t believe you just said that! ail!

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