a slag who wants everyone’s c-ck
hey i’m ailla can u suck ur c-ck for1£

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  • Tobleroning

    the act of vigorously thrusting a toblerone in ones -n-s until left with nothing but a gooey mess. leaving you with the luxurious appearance of almond chips and dangle-berries my roommate caught me tobleroning debbie last night. now he won’t stop calling her dirty debs! #toblerone #diarrhoea #sh-t #poo #chocolate #food

  • greek getaway

    when your significant other comes to your work and has s-x with you. my wife and i had a greek getaway today. she came into work and have me a bl-w j-b.

  • Margot Robbie

    crzay -ss, s-xy -ss harley quinn p.s i want to marry her. me: “darling ” margot robbie: “yes daddy”

  • YOHB

    a lazy acronym for asking “you on here bro?”, because apparently these days typing out a couple words is too hard. this is akin to using letters and numbers as words, ie 2 for to, u for you. jim: saw this nice -ss cavalier today, yohb? tom: is it too much to ask to actually […]

  • swampthumpin

    having -n-l s-x with someone that has swamp -ss. “pew! what’s that smell? were you just in there swampthumpin’ that -ss?”

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