a physical disorder or illness, especially of a minor or chronic nature.
contemporary examples

in 2007 swartz wrote a blog post t-tled “sick,” in which he disclosed some details about his ailment.
aaron swartz, 26, programmer, outspoken advocate of free information nina strochlic january 13, 2013

always believing he could conquer his ailment, lou had hopes, however slim, that others were writing him off too soon.
the stacks: the day lou gehrig delivered baseball’s gettysburg address ray robinson july 3, 2014

is his ailment more serious—say, a heart attack or stroke or even bell’s palsy, which left his face looking contorted?
china roiled by rumors and questions about absent heir apparent xi jinping melinda liu september 10, 2012

no ailment is too gruesome—and never has the expression “warts and all” been more apt.
the grossest tv show ever venetia thompson october 2, 2010

ellis was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver in 2007, and p-ssed away from the ailment on dec. 19, 2008.
‘no no,’ a doc-mentary on mlb pitcher dock ellis, who pitched a no-hitter while tripping on acid marlow stern february 4, 2014

historical examples

a kind providence couldnt possibly saddle sea-sickness with any other ailment.
nasby in exile david r. locke

i did not, however, understand that the oxen got their ailment from the missourians.
a gold hunter’s experience chalkley j. hambleton

some patients, it is said, are amused at the facial contortions guaranteed by this ailment.
wanted: a cook alan dale

diego must know of his ailment, and why he had to go to oostpoort.
wind charles louis fontenay

and here i was, pr-ne and helpless, being powwowed not for one ailment, but for all the diseases known in happy valley.
the soldier of the valley nelson lloyd

a slight but often persistent illness

1706, from ail + -ment.

ailment ail·ment (āl’mənt)
a physical or mental disorder, especially a mild illness.

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