Air harbor

a harbor for hydroplanes, especially seaplanes.

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  • Air hardening

    noting any metal, especially alloy steel, that can be hardened from above its transformation point by cooling in air. noun a process of hardening high-alloy steels by heating and cooling in a current of air compare oil hardening

  • Air hoist

    a pneumatic hoist.

  • Air hole

    an opening to admit or discharge air. a natural opening in the frozen surface of a river or pond. . historical examples at mill grove he came near losing his life, on a duck-shooting expedition, by falling through an air hole in the ice. famous men of science sarah k. bolton there will be areas […]

  • Airhose

    a hose for conducting air under pressure, as one connected to an , an , or a scuba tank. historical examples with a shock of horror, the man heard the hiss of escaping air as kreega’s beak and fingers finally worried the airhose loose. duel on syrtis poul william anderson his legs wrapped around the […]

  • Air injection

    injection of liquid fuel into the cylinder of an internal-combustion engine, especially a diesel, by means of a jet of compressed air.

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