air max

a kind of shoe made by nike. they are the best kick on the market.
look at them dope new air maxes.
when a guy has s-x so many times, there is no s-m-n left… only air…
dave: how was your date last night?
jamal: mate i didn’t get any sleep!
dave: lad.
jamal: yeah, after i lit the pear candle and turned on r.kelly she wouldn’t leave me alone. i hit it so many times by the end i was running on empty. straight airmaxing.
1) a kind of shoe made by nike. the poor man’s air force one.

2) the worste kind of air. even worse than air pie. this kind of disrespect is worthy of a mandatory slewing.
1) “yo blud check out the new creps. i got me some air max, only set me back about 40 quid”

2) g-ngb-nger 1: “yo, where james at? it’s my f-ckin’ birthday!”
g-ngb-nger 2: “blud he’s just pulled an air max, i think he’s allowed you for that wastegash he’s always tapping”
g-ngb-nger 1: “no one serves this g up with an air max! lets ride”

(glocks are heard to be c-cked, and a car speeds away…later that night the bullet riddled body of a wateman is found)

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