an inflatable board resembling a bodyboard that is used in the sport of airboarding
historical examples

he swung the ship to the line as airboard regulations required.
two thousand miles below charles willard diffin

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  • Airboarding

    noun a snow sport in which partic-p-nts slide down slopes headfirst lying flat on an inflatable board

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    stopped up by air.

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    slang. a scatterbrained, stupid, or simple-minded person; dolt. noun (military) an area secured in hostile territory, used as a base for the supply and evacuation of troops and equipment by air noun (slang) a stupid or simple-minded person; idiot n. “empty-headed person,” 1972, from air (n.1) + head (n.). earlier as a term in mining […]

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    an instrument for cutting tooth structure by means of a stream of particles under gas or . noting or pertaining to the technique of using this instrument.

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    noun (mainly brit) a brick with holes in it, put into the wall of a building for ventilation

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