being ignored by someone when making a statement or asking a question. also known as blanked and turfed.
person 1: did u watch — last nite?
person 2:……
person 3: o no u got aired!
the act of sleeping; especially after a long night of drinking.
“after drinking all night long, jim aired out on the couch.”
“i am going to air out now, i will talk to you tomorrow.”
the act of getting so high you feel like your floating on air and completely forget everything the next day
you i got 7 g’s and only one sheet of paper, lets get aired
to do something well or alot,to beat someone in something or have s-x with a girl,basicly anything u can do hard ao be better than some one at.
tdot aired keeb in nba live by 21 points..

did u air that girl from the club( have s-x with her)

t dot aired the man for calling him a slouch(beat him up)

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