performing the art of edging on an airhead.
hey airhead, i know your sick, but now’s the perfect time for some airhedging !

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  • aldon

    a gentleman who “ain’t go no job”. who hates bowling because it bothers his whacking off wrist. loves big d-cks and freedom and still wants to know why africans have no technology. girl 1: are you drunk? aldon: big d-cks and freedom

  • i'm gonna zayn

    to leave or escape a situation unexpectedly, like zayn malik left one direction. if brad doesn’t get here by 11, i swear i’m gonna zayn.

  • nugget hole

    when a s-x partner agrees to put anything in there -sshole that’s called a nugget hole. will you put this bowling ball in your nugget hole for me?

  • mahfuz shoes

    f-ck your shoes are hawt #call #me #mahfuz #even #tho #my #name #is #mahfuzur f-ck mahfuz shoes are s-xy and dangerous

  • smelly chode

    a grotesque, misformed and unrecognisable p-n-s damaged by chronic m-st-rb-t–n. it’s disturbing shape and colour is only eclipsed by its horrendous, unrelenting and offensive smell. god sake nick! f-cking put your smelly chode away. there are children around.

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