aish-teru is the j-panese word for i love you.
kokoro no sokokara aish-teru…which means…i love you from the bottom of my heart
a j-panese term, meaning “i’m in love with you”
aish-teru, ami.
the j-panese word aish-teru, means i love you in english.
guy: aish-teru
girl: aish-teru too
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a j-panese phrase of “i love you”.

more intimate though and is actually so strong married couples are hesitant to use the phrase.
girl: “ai sh-teru”
boy: “don’t you think that is a little extreme. i mean we’ve only been dating two weeks.”
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it means i love you in j-panese.
ai sh-teru, kaoru-san.
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although “aish-teru” is the romanised form of the j-panese for “i love you”, it’s worth noting that the word isn’t actually used very often in j-pan.

its most common usage by far is amongst weeaboos (see also wapanese) where you’ll almost always see it spelled with the roman alphabet like it is here.
her: aish-teru~ :3
me: please f-ck off, i’m trying to play xbox
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