a person who is too hot to define
that guys is an aivanne.

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  • jizzforce

    when someone ties you up and gives you a handjob after you c-m, often painful and is often times an example of light femdom. did you hear? peter got j-zzforced by his girlfriend!

  • wildernest

    a remote locale where something can lay it’s head to sleep. could be human, could be fowl. the more pine boughs you stack, the more comfortable your wildernest becomes. #wilderness #nest #bed #sleep

  • Shilong nap

    a nap taken in the afternoon. can last anywhere from one to twelve hours. man, that was a good shilong nap. #nap

  • Dingodile

    the man’s johnson what is the size of your dingodile? #p-n-s #s-x #johnson

  • photocentric

    someone who is obsessed with setting up or creating pictures that are unnatural to post on social media. ex: she is so photocentric. she made us put ice cream on our noses just for an instagram picture.

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