ajaa’s are secretly jamacian. they hide it because they don’t want people saying “ahh you’re jamacian-me-crazy” ajaa’s like to keep to themselves and summon demons. you can befriend an ajaa but never betray one. they are amazing at summoning demons. ajaas don’t talk much but when they do it’s probably something to do with her threatening your life. be aware of ajaas.
ajaa’s secret name is aju. praise aju
person 1: “dude that girl says shes not jamacian but looks so jamacian”
person 2: “she’s probably an ajaa:

person 1: “what is that weird jamacian doing?”
person 2: “probably and ajaa summoning demons”

person 1: -slaps an ajaa-
ajaa: -unleashes satan-

person 1: -kicks an ajaa-
ajaa: -goes to them in their sleep and chants some black magic so that person turns into their minion-

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