limbs bent; most often, the hands on the hips with elbows bent outward:
i knew i was in trouble when i saw ma across the street watching me, standing with her arms akimbo.
to hold and fire two guns, one in each hand. most often seen with handguns, or compact sub-machine guns.

this is not only the correct term, but also the original, and oldest term for this.

however, dual-fisting is the term (created by the halo community) that
is the most popular and widely accepted.
the best example is counter-strike’s dual elites.
to dual-wield(gun in each hand) firearms. most common with handguns and submachine guns but not limited to.
p.s. dual-wield is more proper than dual-fist. dual-fist has its own f-cked-up description.
1.in the opening tea-house shootout, insp. tequila fires two tt-33 handguns akimbo in hardboiled
2. neo fires two mp5ks akimbo in the bank shoot-out in the matrix
spread out, open wide.
she greeted me with her legs akimbo.
a belligerent stance with arms slightly bent and elbows facing outward. a predominant form of posturing meant to intimidate and add size to one’s physical structure. a common technique often seen in the employ of meathead or guido -ssholes as they size each other up at the gym or the club.
the roided out guido leisurely strolled through the gym with arms all akimbo.
1.to dual wield any firearm or other projectile weapon. can be done with pistols,submachineguns,laser weapons,crossbows, sawn-off shotguns,and,if you try hard enough,pump or lever action shotguns,light and heavy machineguns,rocket launchers and gatling guns.

2.(p-ss-e definition)to spread out limbs,sticks,br–sts etc.
bob:so i heard bill can fire two miniguns at the same time.
john:no sh-t?
bob:yeah,he can akimbo pretty d-mn well.
to cross/place your arms on your hips.
when mom got mad, she looked at me sternly with her arms akimbo.

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