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can you define it?

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  • trustafarien

    an upper cl-ss ‘hippy’ or ‘rasta’ who preaches one love no fears dressed like a hippy yet is still funded by mummy and daddy. “she is such a hippy” no dear that’s just a trustafarien

  • bonfire luge

    a threesome position where a woman lays on her back. one guy t-t f-cks her and the other guy f-cks her p-ssy. “hey jay check out the t-ts on that girl we totally need to bonfire luge her.”

  • sowbug

    a lowered volkswagen beetle. he’s rollin sowbug.

  • youtube wit

    comment witticisms that quickly move to the top of the youtube comment section, because of sheer hilarity or cleverness. these were often kept at the top with the ‘the most liked comments’. despite youtube removing the feature and as well the dislike b-tton (as of 2016). the youtube wit is a staple of the site. […]

  • pluglet

    a small plug in someone’s gauged ear. dude i cant wait ’til i’m done with these pluglets and have real gaping earholes.

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