a man who people want to be and is very savage and s-xy.
man, i m-st-rb-t- to akombi, i wanna be him.

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  • Doggo Pupper

    doggo pupper is an upstanding member of the business community. he also enjoys chasing b-lls and smelling b-tts. he has won good boy of the month for the past 5 months in a row. “is that a shiba inu in a suit?” “no silly that’s just doggo pupper”

  • Garbito

    something that is just really stupid and does not make sense. speaker 1: did you know, your made out of fire? speaker 2: that is absolute garbito! ##garbito #stupid

  • ciso

    a great guy with an amazing future ahead of him. he’s great at s-x and knows how to put that big d-ck to use. wow ciso is good at everything

  • jew butter

    margarine (also known as “yellow grease”) martha: “daniel, would you like a little jew b-tter on your goat?” daniel: “yes, please p-ss the yellow grease.”

  • Remote Dock

    when the tip of your p-n-s touches the front of the toilet seat or bowl, where another man’s p-n-s has already touched. “hey man, thanks for letting me use your porcelain throne. i remote docked on the seat, so you may want to clean it before you honk out a dirt snake.”

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