he is a bf4 sh-tbucket.
“that akoni person.. he’s such a sh-tbucket.”

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  • bonisc

    the bonus disc found along with a normal studio alb-m. often includes live tracks, unreleased songs, and/or remixes. the bonisc that came with the new killers’ alb-m was wicked awesome.

  • bootleg rapper

    “a person who spends time spamming you and i their sh-tty songs”. modernwarnegro: “aye mama i’m gonna drop out of school to join ymcmb”. mom: no son of mine is gonna be a bootleg rapper

  • belly box

    male and females do this when they are getting it on oh pet, do you belly box on the first nite?

  • um*th*

    something very offensive to gm’s of fallen realms, must be changed. um-th- is bad for fr gms

  • beltran

    a person who gives half -ss answers with no logic or sense what so ever dude what the f-ck, why are you beltraning me? deli don is being such a beltran! mom: did you do those dishes yet? kid: g.i. garden gary,moms…….. to lay down the law with great force, such as returning things to […]

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