a boss -ss b-tch, the meaning is princess. but jokes on you because she’s a fckin queen.
sh-t akuti’s here? dats lit !

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  • comeytize

    the act of noting everything that you said and heard after you have a conversation so you cover your -ss preventing troublem after my conversation with the police officer , i sat in my car and comeytized everything.

  • human cumcake

    a type of c-mcake where many men c-m all over a girl’s body. then they lick off her c-m. yesterday i was made into a human c-mcake.

  • infanzon

    the last name of a spanish prince from the early 1800s. the last name is rare and when you encounter an infanzon they are usually very romantic, chill , charismatic, and brave at heart . they enjoy traveling and exploring new places as well. girl: “what’s your last name again ?” guy: infanzon girl: .. […]

  • stork legs

    when a skinny -ss girl wears black leggings. “d-mn! you see that girl over there in them black leggings, jack?!” “yeah dude she got some stork legs!!”

  • alabama mudjug

    where you are getting frisky with a female and you pack your lip full of dip and proceed to eat her out. in doing so, she gets a nicotine buzz. i was eating my sister’s box last night and i gave her the ol alabama mudjug to calm her nerves.

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