quite simply, the perfect color for a woman’s skin tone. the creamy white hints at innocence (even though she’s definitely not) and the skin exudes a slight glow, as if she is somehow illuminated from the inside. smatterings of freckles in all the right places add dimensionality and positively beg you to trace them lightly with your fingertips like a game of sensual connect-the-dots. the only thing better than seeing a woman with alabaster skin is tasting one.
me: there’s something about that girl…i just can’t take my eyes off her.

friend: dude, it’s her alabaster skin. she looks like a painting!
alabaster, al.

the city in which magic happens. where love grows and hatred fades away.

also, there is a high population of emo and scene kids.
you want good hardcore music? go to alabaster.
a code word for when something is not right or you may be in a form of danger, especially when under the influence of cannabis.
buying drugs and being har-ssed by a fat, male, possibly r-t-rded former prost-tute wearing nothing but whitey tighties. “yo dude, alabaster.”

smoking in friends bas-m-nt ‘le creek from upstairs’ alabaster dudes!
a plain, milky white person who has trouble coming to terms with their genetic make-up of their paper white, almost transparent skin.
you are a m-ssive alabaster .
you…..stop being an alabaster
you….seriously, its only skin, you might grow out of your alabaster ways one day.

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