liveliness and eagerness.
we shall proceed with alacrity.
-ssertive, lively individuals, who dgaf, that are exclusive members of the elite high iq society.
judge: you have two speeding tickets in five years and you have not completed your obligations.

mr rouse: sir, i believe that driving with alacrity is my god givin right.

judge: i don’t care what you think. you have until september to complete drivers ed or your alacritous -ss will face jail time.
a cool word used by demetri martin on the daily show, but he totally doesn’t know what it means. neither do i. go look it up.
to jon stewart: “you have a basic cable show, that’s called the daily show, that’s on 4 days a week instead of 7…you really nailed it, man. i mean, no offense, but you’re not exactly what people would call an alacrity.” -demetri martin
a werd 2 describe how 2 use ur skill in a game. alacrity teaches u how to cast da best stromz, how to own da most wit da humans, and how to peemp da socal ladiez. i tink its a noun but im not really sure 🙂
o ya well im gna use my alacrity and beat u.

f-k the new patch is out now i shall pwn all those who step to my alacrity!!!


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