plural of .
a wing.
a winglike part, process, or expansion, as of a bone, sh-ll, seed, or stem.
either of the two side petals of a flower in the legume family, as the pea.
(in an ancient roman house) a small room, as an alcove, opening into a larger room or courtyard.
historical examples

one of the alae (h) at the time of the eruption was used as a wardrobe.
pompeii, its life and art august mau

when it is from fifty to sixty feet in length, devote one fourth of the length to the alae.
ten books on architecture vitruvius

the rest they divide into two parts, one of which is called the right, the other the left wing (alae).
the histories of polybius, vol. i (of 2) polybius

there was no second story over the alae, the tablinum, or the rooms about the peristyle.
pompeii, its life and art august mau

the alae and several rooms were redecorated shortly before the destruction of the city.
pompeii, its life and art august mau

the alae replied: “it is in the leaf of the a-pe plant” (alocasia macrorrhiza).
hawaiian folk tales various

but again maui caught the alae and began to kill it, saying: “you gave me a plant full of water from which to get fire.”
legends of ma-ui–a demi god of polynesia, and of his mother hina w. d. westervelt

from eighty feet to one hundred feet, the length divided into five parts will produce the right width for the alae.
ten books on architecture vitruvius

their lintel beams should be placed high enough to make the height of the alae equal to their width.
ten books on architecture vitruvius

let the busts of ancestors with their ornaments be set up at a height corresponding to the width of the alae.
ten books on architecture vitruvius

noun (pl) alae (ˈeɪliː)
(zoology) a wing or flat winglike process or structure, such as a part of some bones and cartilages
(botany) a winglike part, such as one of the wings of a sycamore seed or one of the flat petals of a sweet pea flower

ala a·la (ā’lə)
n. pl. a·lae (ā’lē)
a winglike or expanded structure or part, such as the external ear.

ala abbr.

ala (ā’ěl-ā’)
delta-aminolevulinic acid; an intermediate in the biosynthesis of hematin formed from glycine and succinyl-coenzyme a.
alpha-linolenic acid
american library -ssociation
american lung -ssociation
-ssociation for laboratory automation

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