the most amazing person in the world, somtimes on back order, every body loves her and wishes to be her friend.
no guy can resist!
darn my alana isn’t coming till thanksgiving.

man i wish i was alana.

i love alana!
the hottest person i have ever met or become friends with. she is so attractive and, to put it straight, i want to have her children.
i have had so many fantasies of her it just isn’t funny. i need alana!
the most amazing coolie girl you can ever meet. end of story. she’s beautiful, loveable, clever, and funny! she’ll bring the best out of anyone! she can sometimes think she’s not pretty, and it’s true, because she’s beyond pretty. she’s independant and is the take charge kinda girl.
you’re bound to have tons of inside jokes with alana. she’s amazing and if you get the chance to be friends with her, don’t waste it.
alana is awesome
the sh-t of erry day.
you wake up imagining alana is as special as the sun.
dawgg i need me some alana.
celtic name for “fair skinned and beautiful”
wow she’s so pretty…. must be an alana
the most amazing girl in the world. she has the most gorgeous eyes. her height is so s-xy too. she has a really handsome boyfriend too. they will get married. she’s really good in bed and she dances so dang good! she is perfect.
man, alana was dancing so s-xy at the club last night

alana should hook up with austin bro!
an extremly attractive girl who resides in a house with a big tree. she is such a homie and is loved by all. she may appear to be the most beautiful thing anyone has set eyes on but she claims shes ugly. she is a liar to all people so beware. she also claims that honest people lie and its not true. she is very beautiful and not ugly. she also has a donk that is property of someone who must not be named.
guy: hey isnt that girl alana so hot

bob: yea but i heard she loves this kid chris

guy: oh man im guna go hang myself now

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