alaskan creeper

it’s when you get -ss f-cked by surprise
reilly gave matt the alaskan creeper at there sleep over

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  • very very thankyou.

    when somethings so amazing. thank you just isn’t quite enough. “wow a present, for me? very very thankyou.”

  • angry lunch lady

    the s-xual act of busting in your partner’s hair and provoking anger when a regular c-m shot is expected. after said act, use the c-mmins to spike said partner’s hair, thus styling it to resemble a lunch lady. marissa made me pull out, so i opted for the ol’ angry lunch lady.”

  • suck your soul

    when the p-n-s is sucked to the point where the b-lls retreat(shribble up) back into the body. they’re totally going to suck your soul.

  • gavin west

    great guy btw he’s really hot and i’d tap that sweet -ss (and he is not g-y ) gavin west also still loves homanda (no h-m-)

  • loud egg head

    a egg looking person and is very loud and has a 70% chance of being dropped on his head. rick:” look at him” bob: “hes such a loud egg head”

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