someone who lives in their own bubble and views them self as a perfect human being. often likes the smells of his own farts.
yo don’t mind him he’s just al-ss!.

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    a f-cked up version of h-ll in a math cl-ss sorry for the kids in i prep right now person 1: “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i got accepted into i prep” person 2: ” ha ha sucks to be you

  • b*mgliness

    a trait that ugly b-ms like myself possess. i had to check the mirror twice this morning to properly examine my b-mgliness.

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    used as a euphemism for bad or rotten teeth. a comparison of one’s good and bad teeth to the keys of a piano. “oh great, here comes piano mouth.” “i could’ve gone without seeing piano mouth today”

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