usually a good bro and son. a formidable senpai with the dirtiest mind you’ll ever encounter. will make you watch shrek is love, shrek is life. full-time prankster.
don’t trust him, he’s an albash!

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  • bung finger

    the accidental one two punch of picking your -ss and then your nose. usually happens on a long couch surf where you -ss pick and then an hour later try for some nose gold. the scent of musty chili ring gets ingrained in your nose and the decision to sniff and stay or wash and […]

  • smash up

    a mash up involving a smash mouth song hey dave, i listened to a pretty dank smash up yesterday.

  • cejl

    one of the rarest names in the world it is most of the time a brunette who loves the beach everyone most of the time gets her name wrong it sounds like see jewel she is a fun loving cute friendly yet mysterious girl if you ever meet a cejl you’ll know she came from […]

  • dextrocity

    the new age hippy way of saying ‘dexterous’. scotty’s joint rolling ability is not as good as rhys’ fifa skills. this is because he has less dextrocity.

  • cow egg

    an egg laid by a female cow as a way of reproduction today i saw a baby cow hatch from a cow egg it was amazing uk: in britain milk can be delivered to the doorstep in gl-ss bottles. these are sometimes called cow eggs. the milkmans here, go get a cow egg so we […]

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