Albert edward

a mountain in se new guinea, in the owen stanley range. 13,030 feet (3972 meters).
(albert edward”the peacemaker”) 1841–1910, king of great britain and ireland 1901–10 (son of queen victoria).
historical examples

mr. albert edward s-ssoon, i have the pleasure of returning your visiting-card!
the salamander owen johnson

albert edward says he is annoyed about the rent, but i call that absurd.
punch, or the london charivari, vol. 153, october 31, 1917 various

the caravan, since it left albert edward nyanza, had dwindled from fifteen hundred to one-half that number.
great men and famous women. vol. 6 of 8 various

“albert edward himself, blainey,” she answered, with an accented note of pride.
the salamander owen johnson

he watches every move made by albert edward and me and disposes his forces accordingly.
punch, or the london charivari, vol. 153, october 31, 1917 various

nevertheless some unpleasantness resulted, and our albert edward came home to shelter in the bosom of us, his family.
punch, or the london charivari, vol. 152, june 6, 1917 various

the peeling complete, albert edward sat in the draughts of the inner chamber and waited for the bath.
punch, or the london charivari, vol. 152, may 23, 1917 various

they entered albert edward, which was a small ward of twelve beds, used just now for officers.
non-combatants and others rose macaulay

my plants are my children nowadays, since albert edward is my only care.
the diary of a goose girl kate douglas smith wiggin

stanley went right across the centre of the continent, and discovered the lake albert edward nyanza.
stories that words tell us elizabeth o’neill

a mountain in se new guinea, in the owen stanley range. height: 3993 m (13 100 ft)
1841–1910, king of great britain and ireland (1901–10); son of queen victoria

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