the state or condition of being an .
contemporary examples

that is why her main focus is on under the same sun, her nonprofit organization for people with albinism now.
women of courage roja heydarpour october 19, 2010

the canadian non-profit under the same sun works with albinism victims in tanzania.
a gruesome black market eliza barclay october 27, 2009

get involved: the ocean road cancer inst-tute in dar es salam treats patients suffering from albinism.
a gruesome black market eliza barclay october 27, 2009

renegade witch doctors have convinced locals that the blood, bones, and skin of people with albinism possess magical properties.
hope after an unspeakable crime juju chang august 26, 2010

“they say people with albinism are ghosts anyway,” said ntetema.
women of courage roja heydarpour october 19, 2010

historical examples

there are different degrees of albinism; the coloring enzyme may be absent to small traces.
inheritance of characteristics in domestic fowl charles benedict davenport

this reminds us of wallace’s remark upon the tendency to albinism in islands.
colouration in animals and plants alfred tylor

no form of grey hair, however, should be confused with albinism.
pedagogical anthropology maria montessori

his lips curled again into the expression that so ill-fitted his albinism.
just around the corner fannie hurst

albinism: that condition in which there is an absence of color or a whitening in a form usually colored.
explanation of terms used in entomology john. b. smith


1836; see albino + -ism. alternative form albinoism is recorded from 1868.

albinism al·bi·nism (āl’bə-nĭz’əm)

congenital absence of normal pigmentation or coloration in the eyes only or in the skin, hair, and eyes.

the condition of being an albino.

al’bi·not’ic (-nŏt’ĭk) adj.
an organism lacking normal pigmentation or coloration. animals that are albinos lack pigmentation due to a congenital absence of melanin. in humans and other mammals, albinos have white hair, pale skin, and usually pinkish eyes. plants that are albinos lack normal amounts of chlorophyll or other pigments.

albinism noun (āl’bə-nĭz’əm)

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