pertaining to alcaeus or to certain meters or a form of strophe or stanza used by, or named after, him.
alcaics, alcaic verses or strophes.
historical examples

thus, there is as much artificiality about a stanza of chinese verse as there is about an alcaic stanza in latin.
a history of chinese literature herbert a. giles

the model of this variety is not to be found in any of the alcaic or tyrtæan remains.
the modern scottish minstrel, volume ii. various

as a boy of sixteen, he wrote verses in the alcaic and asclepiadeian measures, and soon acquired a considerable mastery over them.
types of weltschmerz in german poetry wilhelm alfred braun

he used to say, “the horatian alcaic is, perhaps, the stateliest metre except the virgilian hexameter at its best.”
tennyson and his friends various

on the other hand, we can find scarcely an ode in the sapphic or alcaic metre, which does not clearly betray its modern origin.
the civilisation of the renaissance in italy jacob burckhardt

somewhat as in the greek alcaic, where the penultimate line seems to lift and suspend the wave that falls over in the last.
the sufistic quatrains of omar khayyam omar khayyam

virgilius mars wrote in hexameters; horatius flaccus in alcaic, sapphic, and anapestic verse.
the green book mr jkai

of these, four are in hendecasyllabics, one in the alcaic and one in the sapphic stanza.
the student’s companion to latin authors george middleton

of or relating to a metre used by the 7th-century bc greek lyric poet alcaeus, consisting of a strophe of four lines each with four feet
(usually pl) verse written in the alcaic form

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