in a nutsh-ll, alchemy was “chemistry” before the periodic table. it was believed that combining the four basic properties (earth, fire, air, and water) in certain ratios could produce iron, gold, booze, and even life itself. alchemy was no longer practiced after lavosier’s studies and the publishing of the periodic table of elements.
the anime full metal alchemist has very little to do with cl-ssical alchemy.
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a revived belief system rooted in a primitive understanding of chemistry and medicine, given merit by the histories of fantasy fiction and practiced most successfully by tabletop gamers.

further books on this subject can be found at your local bookstore in the new age section, somewhere between “the sagittarian sorcerer” and “you’re a teen rune casting g-ddess”.
“oh yeah! i remember what don quixote’s magic balsam did to him and poor sancho panza. that was pretty funny.”

“you’ve got to roll a 15+ on that d20 to make the +20 hp potion and maybe with the experience points level up to a level 3 alchemist, that’ll allow you to make +30 hp potions and you’ll only have to roll a 12+ on the d20. if you roll under you’ll destroy your potion source materials and suffer -2 hp for letting the reaction blow up in your face.”
the hermetic science and art of causing change, both physically and spiritually. the term is also used to describe the spiritual practices of chemists from other ancient cultures, such as ancient chinese “alchemists.” in the old days, there was no division seen between spiritual and physical practices, but for the sake of modern obsession with duality, alchemy can be divided into two types.

practical alchemy _is_ chemisty, studying and manipulating the properties of matter to get what you want out of the universe.

spiritual alchemy is what is discussed when “turning base metals into gold” is described. it is a form of mysticism, spiritual self-improvement with -n-logies to chemical jargon. “gold” is spiritual perfection, while the lesser “base” metals (such as lead) are impure states of the spirit, unenlightened and full of the problems of mortal life.

knowledgable alchemists were never trying to make a potion for eternal life or a stone that would transform physical materials into gold.
i seek enlightenment through alchemy.
the science of understanding the structure of matter, breaking it down and reconstructing it into something else.
1. he used alchemy to turn lead into gold!
alchemy is a science preformed by alchemists. it is the art of changing one substance to another. it’s taking the molecules of a substance apart, rearranging them, and putting them back in a new form creating a new substance. “equivalent exchange” is a rule in alchemy. as in you cant create a sheet of metal from a branch. using ingredients with arrays, a symbol used in alchemy, can create a substance with the ingredients.
i created a hydrogen balloon with these ingredients and this array with alchemy
use alchemy to fix that radio
modern alchemy is a magical art that aims at the spiritual transformation of the alchemist.
in ancient times the study of alchemy led to the founding of the science of chemistry.
unknown to many people the goal of study of alchemy was not to turn base metals into gold.
by being able to turn base metals into gold the alchemist was believed to transform him self spiritually, and the gold was sometimes thought to be a metaphor for the alchemist soul.
and the transformation was thought to take place to magical or paranormal means.
alchemist wrote there texts in a type of code to keep people only seeking wealth from corupting the science.
modern alchemy is an occult science and studied by people serious about the spiritual side of the universe.
he’s into alchemy.
slang for turning useless or old objects into money via p-wning or other such methods

-as stated here a primitive form of chemistry this is the true definition of alchemy
eg: jim sold me a bag of oregano claiming it was cannabis, alchemy of the highest order i paid 50 quid for a bag of legal herbs.

eg 2) found some old necklace in my attic, apparently its vintage i flogged it for 500 quid. my alchemy skills mean i’m getting p-ssed tonight

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