n. the inability to remember what happened while drinking the night before
bruce lee: man, i can’t remember sh-t from that night
jose contreras: early case of alcoheimers
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the inability to remember what you did last night due to m-ssive alcohol consumption.
i woke up new years’ day with a bad case of alcoheimer’s.

tim has alcoheimer’s. he didn’t remember picking up that cougar at the bar.

sally woke up in a strange apartment with alcoheimer’s.
the name of a popular website that gives bar and nightclub listings.
we found this place on alcoheimers.
trans.verb – the state in which a person consumes too much alcohol to the point in which said person’s proceeding day(s) can not be remembered.
dude, duuudddde, my alcoheimer’s is preventing me from remembering what the h-ll just happened last night.

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