alcorexia is a syndrome where a person on diet will drink but not eat, in order to consume fewer calories. you end up at this bad result from some simple logical steps:

1) you are on diet and counting calories.
2) you are going out for drinks with friends. you’ve got to be social!
3) you realise that beer and wine have a lot of calories.
4) you have to decide how to avaoid going “over budget” for your calories – eat supper and drink water later, or skip supper and go drinking?
5) you decide to go drinking!
6) you drink on an empty stomach
7) hilarity ensues. hilarity often includes falling over or vomiting.
alcorexia involves skipping meals to save calories, calories that are “spent” on alcohol instead.
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this is the condition that occurs after a night of binge drinking and the subsequent bout of vomiting. alcorexia is caused by a hangover so bad that the sufferer cannot eat. a night of alcolimia is often followed by a day of alcorexia.
some sorost-tutes may view alcorexia as a sound form of dieting. after all, it does cut carbs.
alcorexia is a condition whereby a man or woman starve themselves of alcohol in order to lead a more healthy lifestyle or to avoid future embarr-ssments caused by a previous fun, drunken night.
it is important to point out that alcorexia cannot be suffered by people whose alcohol consumption has always been low. rather, your typical alcorexic is one who has temporarily gone from very large intake to no intake whatsoever.
alcorexia sufferers will typically have been the most charming and fun person in your group of friends (ie the one who drank the most). alcorexia is usually brought on after something as innocuous as simply shaming themselves the night before. the alcorexia sufferer’s warped mind contains a sad, pathetic and often terrifying vision of themselves: they misleadingly believe that they are “drinking too much”, when in fact, ceasing their alcohol intake can have terrible after-effects, such as memory, a sense of responsibility and the shakes.
after suffering from debilitating panic attacks for 2 weeks and trying to cure them with drinking, richard finally gave up drinking for a while, hit the xanax, and began to suffer alcorexia.

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