a third-magnitude star in the constellation taurus: brightest star in the pleiades.
also, halcyon, halcyone. cl-ssical mythology. a daughter of aeolus who, with her husband, ceyx, was transformed into a kingfisher.
contemporary examples

the alcyone dessert wine based on tannat is an incredible wine for these types of chocolate.
valentine’s day wine and chocolate pairings snooth february 10, 2011

historical examples

for a long time unknown to himself alcyone’s soft influence had gradually undermined his harsh scepticism.
baron bruno louisa morgan

one of the medium sized worlds that revolve around alcyone sustains the shortest lived human beings of our universe.
life in a thousand worlds william shuler harris

it was about this time that the artful countess olga began once more to drop poisoned words about the court concerning alcyone.
baron bruno louisa morgan

the transformation of ceyx and alcyone into sea-gulls gives the poet an opportunity to tell of and praise conjugal fidelity.
a history of roman literature harold north fowler

the superiority of alcyone to the others, which is not so clear to the naked eye, becomes very apparent.
astronomy with an opera-gl-ss garrett putman serviss

alcyone never raised her head, but bent over her child, whom she carried in her arms.
baron bruno louisa morgan

the double star 61 cygni, in fact, is displaced very nearly as much in one year as alcyone with its train in one hundred.
scientific american supplement, no. 623, december 10, 1887 various

here alcyone’s gentle un-ssuming manners, added to her great beauty, made her a universal favourite.
baron bruno louisa morgan

to the left or east of alcyone the two most conspicuous stars are atlas and pleione.
astronomy with an opera-gl-ss garrett putman serviss

noun (greek myth)
also called halcyone. the daughter of aeolus and wife of ceyx, who drowned herself in grief for her husband’s death. she was transformed into a kingfisher see also ceyx
the brightest star system in the pleiades, located in the constellation taurus

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