best person ever
he is an aldrine

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  • wh*r*heartedly

    with complete prost-tution and promiscuity. i wh-r-heartedly agree with jake, without money it’s not worth the s-x.

  • spazz bag

    a weirdo dude you’re a f-cking spazz bag

  • santiera

    santiera is a nice name for a nice woman she’s not afraid to get down when its time to get down she’s pretty popular and has a great smile it seems like she works out by how big her -ss is but normally she doesn’t she also has a chest maybe not the biggest but […]

  • crotchblock

    when you interfere with a bi or pans-xual friend from hooking up with someone of any gender whom they have an interest to get to know intimately. cece crotchblocked toni when she told the realtor allarie that she felt toni’s not a good kisser.

  • ever the

    saying something you’re not like i’m not broke. or i’m not your sister ever the broke ever the sis

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