a tavern where ale or beer is sold; bar; pub.
historical examples

they live in the love of g-d and the forethoughts of heaven, while thou art in the alehouse.
a christian directory (volume 1 of 4) richard baxter

they had an alehouse boy always in attendance upon the workmen.
the printer boy. william m. thayer

do not join in blasphemy, nor be the b-tt of an -ssembly; be not moody in an alehouse, and never forget a tryst.
the high deeds of finn and other bardic romances of ancient ireland t. w. rolleston

the alehouse forms no inconsiderable part of the labourer’s life.
the toilers of the field richard jefferies

as they approached the alehouse, they heard a great noise inside.
pelle the conqueror, complete martin anderson nexo

in the midst of these extravagant flights of fancy, he perceived an alehouse.
the looking-gl-ss for the mind m. berquin

only last week, within a mile of this alehouse, i got a two-shilling piece from a man in a very simple manner.
beggars w. h. (william henry) davies

as soon as they arrived at the village, spikeman went into the alehouse.
the poacher frederick marryat

can you expect that the drunkard should rule his thoughts, whilst he is in the alehouse or tavern, and seeth the drink?
a christian directory (volume 1 of 4) richard baxter

i have been up this two hours, and have not visited one alehouse yet.
a select collection of old english plays, volume 12 (of 15) robert dodsley

(archaic) a place where ale was sold; tavern
(informal) another name for pub

also ale-house, old english eala-huse; see ale + house (n.). an alehouse “is distinguished from a tavern, where they sell wine” [johnson].

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