(also, aleksandared)

to pwn someone.
dude, that guy sucked, so i aleksandared him

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  • akijn

    giving total ownage to a person or object i will akijn you or that guy was akijned

  • Alex Lu

    word to express awesomeness of a man combined with sleek toned legs and a perfect upperbody. his p-ssion is unlimited and his endurance/size are incredible wow what an alex lu yea fosho

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    this expression is used when you have been in a relationship for an extensive period of time and you have decided you need to add some “spice” into your life. this expression usually refers to a one night stand with an attractive member of the opposite or same s-x. usually only “animalistic” s-x takes place. […]

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  • alyakim

    cool funny dermantied crazey unperditable not gay just al a person who does wat hes does what he does best and does not copy off anyone or thing b-tch im ill alyakim is undercbitle hes turns around smiles for no reason in bad suations

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