a name for a girl who is well-liked by everyone. she always has a big smile ready for everyone, and loves to be around others. can be very stubborn and moody at times, but she considers you as a friend, she will be extremely loyal.
in society usually a very popular person.
smart, pretty, kind and active.
in eastern-european societies spelled like this, in western societies usually as alexandra.
there goes aleksandra, looking gorgeous as usual.
aleksandra is the eastern-european female version of the name alexander. alexander is an ancient greek name, which means “men’s defender/warrior”. it is a name, which was originally -ssociated to the greek goddess hera.

aleksandra is usually a strong, opinionated woman with great leader abilities. she usually is brunette.

nicknames for aleksandra are: aleks, aleksandrina, aleksandrinka, sashca, sasha, sashinka
“this is my friend, aleksandra. she is from russia.”

“aleksandra can be a bit pushy sometimes but she means well.”

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