a short midget
aleric is a f-g

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  • lesbulous

    lesbian + fabulous = lesbulous it’s a g-y pun. person a: i’m gonna go ask lauren out. person b: dude, she’s g-y af. person a: i had no idea. person b: really? she’s pretty lesbulous.

  • hpca

    hpca, also known as high point christian acadamy, is a school in high point, north carolina. they have won back to back championships in football, and have been known to have a good basketball program. their rivalry is with the wesleyan christian acadamy trojans, which is home to a school of f-ggots. refs normally determine […]

  • krukovv

    an annoying friend or other gamer. always messing things up, and always being annoying. (this isnt modeled after one of my friends, this is an actual term we use) (the krukovv does something) oh my god your such a krukovv.

  • wankabration

    to celebrate with a w-nk johnny’s girlfriend was out of town, and received a text with some awesome news, and jumped up and shouted “f-ck yeah! i’m going to have a w-nkabration”.

  • ryeguy

    a dope -ss person to hang with. he is usually smart but act funny. he’s f-cking awesome as all b-lls. let’s go hang with ryeguy

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