real-time prevention, -n-lysis and monitoring rule based algorithmic (“alerting”) against content that contains spam.

alertspamnogic (uncountable, uncountable noun, m-ss noun, plural spamnogics)

1. alert a user, or external system, or process, if the application of (“logically”) sentiment -n-lysis, search engine -n-lysis, and content -n-lytics -ssembled in a “logical” array, or series, to identify the legitimacy of, or to have a perceived purposeful value.

2. the receiving of a message, product or service that does not provide any expected value to the recipient based on a sample of the message, content, or capabilities such as a subject, or “tags”.

see the open-source spam intrusion system called “alertspamnogic” on this system is distributed under bsd licensing and includes “rules” that help logically identify content tbhat contains spam.
i bought the most expensive security product/service to protect me from spam called alertspamnogic which is also available as an open source version if i want to install it on my pc.

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