Aleukemic leukemia

aleukemic leukemia

aleukemic leukemia n.
leukemia characterized by a normal or low number of white blood cells in the blood despite leukemic changes in tissues.

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  • Aleukemia

    aleukemia aleukemia a·leu·ke·mi·a (ā’lōō-kē’mē-ə, āl’ōō-) n. an absence of white blood cells in the blood. usually used in reference to varieties of leukemic disease in which the blood’s white cell count is normal or low but contains a few young white blood cells. the leukemic changes in bone marrow -ssociated with a subnormal number of […]

  • Aleukemoid

    aleukemoid aleukemoid a·leu·ke·moid (ā’lōō-kē’moid’) adj. relating to or characteristic of the symptoms of aleukemia.

  • Aleukocytosis

    aleukocytosis aleukocytosis a·leu·ko·cy·to·sis (ā-lōō’kō-sī-tō’sĭs) n. an absence or severe reduction in the number of white blood cells in blood or in a lesion.

  • Aleukia

    aleukia aleukia a·leu·ki·a (ā-lōō’kē-ə, ə-lōō’-) n. an absence or extreme reduction in the number of white blood cells in circulating blood.

  • Aleuromancy

    (in ancient times) the use of flour as a means of divination.

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