Alexander Hamilton

the act of having s-x with a woman doggy-style, only to pull out and recharter the national bank
“the nation has been running a huge surplus ever since alan greenspan gave his wife the alexander hamilton”

“many historians agree that president andrew jackson’s strong opposition to the national bank stemmed directly from his wife’s reluctance be on the receiving end of the alexander hamilton.”
alexander hamilton was one of the most underappreciated founding father of the united states of america. he was born in the mid 1700’s in the west indies in the town of nevis. attending king’s college (later known as columbia) at the age of 19, and began to opine his federalist points of view in local new york newspapers. he was fluent in french, a delightful businessman, and a devoted religious and political scholar. his mult-tude successes in life were ironic considering his tumultuous childhood during which he moved to several outlets in the british west indy isles and was “fathered” by unworthy stepfathers who continued to abandon him. he died at the age of 45 in a duel with aaron burr, his foremost political adversary.
alexander hamilton was illigetimate
the hottest founding father.
d-mnnnn, that alexander hamilton was a hottie. f-ck you, aaron burr
one of the founding fathers of the country.

-secretary of treasury
-whiskey rebellion
-the capital of the country was moved so madison would support hamilton’s financial plan (under-the-table deal)
-he was an enemy of john adams, aaron burr, james madison, etc.

hamilton shot first in the duel, but missed because he was planning not to hit burr. burr shot hamilton in the rib area, however, he was probably planning not to hit hamilton. he died the next day.
hamilton got pwned by burr in that duel omg.
typical in a bukkake, the act of many men s-xually relieving themselves in a girls hair to the point that it ressembles a powdered wig worn by colonial folk.
“that party was tight! that group of guys destroyed that chick with that alexander hamilton!”
1. that guy on the us $10 bill.

2. the loser of the gun duel with aaron burr.
why is alexander hamilton on the $10 bill?
early federalist politician in the late 1700s and early 1800s who became the first u.s. secretary of the treasury. he was killed in a duel by his political rival and then u.s. vice-president, aaron burr.
since aaron burr was the first u.s. secretary of the treasury, his is the face on the ten-dollar bill.

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