a tall plant, angelica atropurpurea, of the parsley family, having broad cl-sters of small white flowers.
a related plant, smyrnium olusatrum, having yellowish flowers.
a c-cktail made with crème de cacao with gin or brandy (brandy alexander) and sweet cream.
also, alexandros. cl-ssical mythology. homeric name for paris.
[frants,, franz,, frahnts] /frænts,, frænz,, frɑnts/ (show ipa), 1891–1964, u.s. psycho-n-lyst, born in hungary.
grover cleveland, 1887–1950, u.s. baseball player.
sir harold r. l. g (alexander of tunis) 1891–1969, english field marshal.
samuel, 1859–1938, british philosopher.
william, 1726–83, general in the american revolution.
a male given name: from a greek word meaning “defender of men.”.
historical examples

the most important factor in alexanders therapeutics is his diet.
medieval medicine james j. (james joseph) walsh

the alexanders—any of them—were everything he had said they were.
the lani people j. f. bone

on this statement the whole implication of tracey and the alexanders by sarah stands or falls.
she stands accused victor macclure

he consequently took no further part in alexanders campaigns after this.
the anabasis of alexander arrian of nicomedia

he was one of the alexanders of his time, but does not appear to have been a great actor.
the town leigh hunt

he also informs us that the king died just before alexanders arrival.
the anabasis of alexander arrian of nicomedia

dost thou not know the sesostris’s, the alexanders, the caesars are dead?
the system of nature, volume 1 paul henri thiery (baron d’holbach)

such things do not happen to the dariuses and the alexanders.
a philosophical dictionary, volume 7 (of 10) franois-marie arouet (aka voltaire)

p-ssing on, we reach the graves of the three alexanders, father and two sons, whose writings are dear to so many christian hearts.
continental monthly , vol i, issue i, january 1862 various

it is through you and the two alexanders that i am brought to this shame, and must die for it.
she stands accused victor macclure

a biennial umbelliferous plant, smyrnium olusatrum, native to s europe, with dense umbels of yellow-green flowers and black fruits
golden alexanders, an umbelliferous plant, zizia aurea, of north america, having yellow flowers in compound umbels
harold (rupert leofric george), earl alexander of tunis. 1891–1969, british field marshal in world war ii, who organized the retreat from dunkirk and commanded in north africa (1943) and sicily and italy (1944–45); governor general of canada (1946–52); british minister of defence (1952–54)

masc. proper name, from latin, from greek alexandros “defender of men,” from alexein “to ward off, keep off, turn (something) away, defend, protect” + aner (genitive andros) “man” (see anthropo-). the first element is related to greek alke “protection, help, strength, power, courage,” alkimos “strong;” cognate with sanskrit raksati “protects,” old english ealgian “to defend.” as a kind of c-cktail, it is attested from 1930.

man-defender. (1.) a relative of annas the high priest, present when peter and john were examined before the sanhedrim (acts 4:6). (2.) a man whose father, simon the cyrenian, bore the cross of christ (mark 15:21). (3.) a jew of ephesus who took a prominent part in the uproar raised there by the preaching of paul (acts 19:33). the jews put him forward to plead their cause before the mob. it was probably intended that he should show that he and the other jews had no sympathy with paul any more than the ephesians had. it is possible that this man was the same as the following. (4.) a coppersmith who, with hymenaeus and others, promulgated certain heresies regarding the resurrection (1 tim. 1:19; 2 tim. 4:14), and made shipwreck of faith and of a good conscience. paul excommunicated him (1 tim. 1:20; comp. 1 cor. 5:5).

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