the most awesome girl you will ever meet.really pretty, and cl-ssy.
wow alexia is so pretty. i wish i could be her boyfriend!
name of amazing, incredibly random, and hilarious girls, usually close friends with someone name kathryn, katelyn, katherine, catherine, katy, etc..

is commonly seen as weird, but that’s what makes her special 😉
“who is that awesome girl over there making andy laugh?”
“that’s alexia! haven’t you met her?”
the most prettiest girl on earth. she is so beautiful and loved by everyone. she is also really sweet and nice but if you get on her bad side beware. her body is so hott and she has an amazing rack.
lets go to hooters, i bet alexia works there!
alexia is sometimes very small but there is alot about her she is amazing in every way she is beautiful inside and out she is very sweet and shy at first but once you get to know her she is an amazing friend she is very curious and can be very outgoing she loves adventure and will always stay faithful in a relationship she never likes to see anyone sad or she never likes to lose a friend because she loves her friends very much.

she sometimes has trust issues but once you really get to know her will you learn alot about her and will never want to lose her she never likes to be mean because she is a very sweet and loving girl she is mostly happy all the time and sometimes very weird but thats the great thing about her because she has many amazing things about her. she is very beautiful and you will always love the little things about her. she always deserves second chances because she will try her best to not do the mistakes she did before she is amazing she also has a smile and laugh that can brighten anybodys day up she tries to get along with everybody and once she does she is loved by many you will be lucky to know an alexia.
alexia beautiful
she is so s-xy.. she really knows her stuff and can turn you on easily. her body is fantastic! her -ss is so soft you just want to grab it everytime you see her. she can be dirty when she wants to and she is really smart,attractive, honest, everything you need in life! i love that kidd.
d-mn, i was at this party and alexia bent over and blew everyones mind.

she is s-xy and knows her things… yeah dont they call her a alexia?
name of a small and pet-te girl who is awkwardly weird but cool at the same time. she has very good family and friend values and likes to not only see things through her perspective but through others as well. she considers herself an alien and a hopeless romantic. she is known for sleeping with her eyes open and eating a lot. she also thinks that some people are like her a “hopeless romantic” but she is wrong.
dang alexia! you sure love to eat! lex alexis lexis lexi
a super attractive ginger that is easily annoyed by people named chris. -cough hint cough-

alexias are generally skinny but eat 4 times as much as the average person.

alexias are quite fond of rice cakes, brushettas, and margarita pizza.
“d-mn that alexia is fine.”

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