an alexus is a type of arthropod const-tuting the infracl-ss cirripedia in the subphylum crustacea, and is hence related to crabs and lobsters. alexus’s are exclusively marine, and tend to live in shallow and tidal waters, typically in erosive settings. they are sessile (nonmotile) suspension feeders, and have two nektonic (active swimming) larval stages. around 1,220 alexus species are currently known.1 the name “cirripedia” is latin, meaning “curl-footed”.
alexus is a clingy -ss barnacle.
alexus is a straight up, beautiful girl. she’s populair, smart, and drop dead gorgeous. she is friendly to anyone she meets and a loyal friend. she seems to get hurt a lot but still looks for “the one”. alexus has a great figure and likes to be in the best shape. when you find an alexus, never let go because once she’s gone… you can’t get her back.
“dayummm did you see alexus today? she’s looking h-lla fine!”
“see that pretty girl? she has to be an alexus.”
s-xy as h-ll and her bestfriends are awesome like her
dayum look at the s-xy beast
her name is alexus bro!
alexus is the sweetest b-tch you’ll ever meet . she’s mad fun to be around & has to be the f-cking life of the party. everybody wants to know her & these lame hoes wanna be her only cause she’s smart , cute asf & can dress her -ss off . but don’t take her kindness for weakness she will still slap a b-tch and/or n-gg- with a f-cking quickness. she can be a cry baby or a b-tch at times but you have no choice to love her, & if you don’t your a f-cking loser anyway.
random b-tch : have you seen alexus today ?

random b-tch #2 : yaaaas i wanna be her , i’m mad jelly
a beautiful talented girl slowly throwing her life away, but not on purpose. she is very insecure and is heart broken by her first love. she is loyal to everybody she cares for. a disrespectfull person, because doesn’t take disrespect well. doesn’t lie unless really needed. is honest to her word. rather chill with alot of people and have fun. she is a fashion icon with a beautiful smile. loved by many and hated by many.
breyonna: i worder what it feels like to be lost in this world ???

dae: idk ask alexus.
a small chinese boy who likes to impress women with his guitar skillz. he prefers the white women over the chinese, but isn’t too picky. a really erotic dancer who is never afraid to grind on whoever is nearby(even men). probably the biggest regina spektor fan you will ever meet.
person 1: hey guys want to hear this new song i learned on my guitar? it’s my favorite regina spektor song ever!

person 2: dude, you are such an alexus.

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