-ss licking f-ggot. someone who can’t handle a racial or s-xist joke.
yo, she’s/he’s such an alf, since he keeps crying about other slurs.

dopest et ever…
the brown creature from the popular 80’s sitcom of the same name. a certain law & order actor bears a striking resemblance to alf.
you might be stuck in the 80’s if you still have an alf t-shirt.
wow, sam waterson really looks like alf!
gum disease. you can tell when a person has alfs, because their gums are in such diseased condition that when they smile, pus runs down their teeth.
man 1 : dude, sally looks like she never brushes her teeth.
man 2 : you got that right, the girl has alfs disease. anyone who kisses her is gonna get a mouth full of pus.
if you’re 93 years old, you should know who alf is. actually, you should know who alf is if you at least lived in the 80’s. even the 90’s.

for those that don’t know about alf, his real name is gordon shumway. he is given the nickname alf, which is an acronym of alien life form. he hails from the planet melmac. he is covered with an orange fur, and he looks like the cross between a mammoth and an orangutan. his favorite food is cats. now you should have an idea on who alf is.
danny: “i’m watching the first season of alf on dvd.”
“you’re 93 years old and you don’t know what alf is? piece of cr-p!”
acronym for animal liberation front. animal rights organization that values all living creatures equally. the alf carries out direct action (illegal action) against animal abuse by rescuing animals in danger and causing financial loss to animal exploiters. it is a nonviolent campaign, activists taking all precautions not to harm any animal (human or otherwise).
three members of alf destroyed a vivesection lab and rescued the beagle pups.
animal liberation front. an unorganized group of persons who liberate animals from oppresion and bring economic destruction to the machines that inflict harm on animals. alf “members” harm no animal, human or non-human.
25 beagle puppies were liberated by the animal liberation front. the beagles were being held captive at a vivisection lab in east millstone, nj.
an animal liberation group that most people hate. some ignorant people havn’t come to realise that breaking the law is the only way to freedom. most of you say that they are “terrorists”. they are nothing even close. if breaking the law for freedom no matter of species, race, or gender is wrong, then why is it that we fight wars? we are killing people aren’t we? that is against the law last time i checked. i was ok for the black panther party (a group of blacks that used violence to gain freedom), but it’s not okay for the alf to use violence for the freedom of animals? what makes humans think they are superior to other species anyways? i mean if we are so “superior” than can you please explain to me why we f-ck things up so bad? war, animal cruelty, pollution, etc. i could go on for pages. if we have the largest brains (which i never hear the end of) then why are we the most ignorant. as for peta. give them a break. sure, they make some mistakes. but who doesn’t. oh and btw i really don’t give a sh-t if you rate this ‘thumbs down’. it just proves how many of you are ignorant.
alf: (free’s animals)

ignorant person: you guys are terrorists and aren’t helping at all!

alf: tell that to the rac–n i just freed.
alien life form

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