extremely handsome, the kind of guy that would do anything for you. has muscles on top of his muscles. he’s loyal and trust worthy, loves his family and his friends. will put your needs above his. the kind of guy you want to take home to your parents. someone who will succeed in life. always supportive and caring. someone all the girls want but is faithful to only one. protector. never clingy.someone you will always want in your life. and has a gorgeous bubble b-tt.
guy one: oh no here comes alfredo guy two: yeah he’ll take all the girls

awesome pasta
a real cool, cute guy he likes to keep it real with he’s freinds.
he’s a such good player, all though he may not look like one.
he’s game is one of the best’s. that n-gg- is always ballin but never fallin, and he can’t be stoped no way, no how.!
his haters are his favorite fans when he makes an apperance, but he never be waisting he’s time with them.
he don’t give a f-ck bout what people think ’cause he ain’ here to please no n-gg- or b-tch.
he chooses he’s money over b-tches (m.o.b.]
hater #1: “i f-cking hate him and his killa -ss swaggg.”
hater #2: “i know he needs to gtf.! man!.”

b-tches: “hey alfredo tonight i want you to f-ck me hard, i’ll be yours the whole night!”
alfredo: “nah i can’t tonight s-xxy i gotta go pick up some money”
the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for(: sweet, loving caring, kind, puts others before himself, funny, and the greatest guy in the whole world(: is also an awesome saxophone player(;
alfredo is awesome!
1.white sauce made of heavy cream, b-tter, parsley, and minced garlic. usually served with fettuccine.
2.typical italian man’s name.
pay attention when talking to italians and saying: you want fettuccine with alfredo?, they might answer: “no thanks, i am alone”
1.the boy’s name alfred is pr-nounced al-fred. it is of old english origin, and its meaning is “elf or supernatural counsel.” alfie is a pet form; alfredo (al-fray-doh) is the latin form.

2. a pasta sauce originally consisting of b-tter, cream, and the finest parmesan cheese available. modern versions add garlic, peas, and less expensive parmesan. all of these will make fine sauces, but nothing can compare to the original version.
1.poet alfred tennyson; movie director alfred hitchc-ck.

2.fettuccine alfredo.
a short, midget smurf that runs around with a taser shocking all his friends.
jesse: ow! what the h-ll?
dany: ha ha, looks like alfredo p-ssed by.
the snow white liquid that oozes out of your throbbing manhood when eating something that tastes incredible.
this steak is so good, i want to cover it with my alfredo.
this mexican guy who is fanatic of metal, . lives in a small town in california called dos palos. does a lot of working out, but is really weary when it comes to sports. he is shy and very quiet, unless you know him very well. he often gets mistaken for a satanist for the things he does and the band shirts he wears. he may or may not be mentally unstable (according to people). he plays all the basic instruments in metal such as, drums, guitar, b-ss and has decent skills with all of them. he only has a handful of friends and tries to enjoy life, but often can’t, because of people’s stupidity and their taste in music, also the amount of insults and injuries he gets are a f-ck ton. he is very comedic, and a very enjoyable person, but often gets questioned for his morbid thoughts and sense of humor. one can never figure him out, he always hides his emotions and his thoughts, unless you’re good enough to get it out of him. but overall he’s a pretty cool dude to hang out with. and when it comes to talking to metal oh ho ho, his knowledge on it is incredibly high, he knows a ton of bands and his three favorite sub-genres are black, death, and traditional metal. some of his favorite bands bands include, bathory, obscura, angeles del infierno, baron rojo, cannibal corpse, pestilence, gorgoroth, mayhem, judas priest, burzum, luzbel, suffocation, death. so anyways, if you go to california, you might see him around…
person 1: hey satan.

person 2: you look like a 17 year old.

person 3: go away you devil worshiper.

person 4: no one likes you, kill yourself.

alfredo: f-ck all of you and rot in h-ll.

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