Algebraic number

a of an algebraic equation with integral coefficients.
1 (def 10b).
any number that is a root of a polynomial equation having rational coefficients such as √2 but not π compare transcendental number

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  • Algebraic operation

    any of the mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, raising to a power, or extraction of a root.

  • Algebraic specification language

    algebraic specification language 1. (asl) [“structured algebraic specifications: a kernel language”, m. wirsing, theor comput sci 42, pp.123-249, elsevier 1986]. 2. (asf) a language for equational specification of abstract data types. [“algebraic specification”, j.a. bergstra et al, a-w 1989]. (1995-12-13)

  • Algebraic structure

    algebraic structure mathematics any formal mathematical system consisting of a set of objects and operations on those objects. examples are boolean algebra, numerical algebra, set algebra and matrix algebra. [is this the most common name for this concept?] (1997-02-25)

  • Algebraic topology

    the branch of mathematics that deals with the application of algebraic methods to topology, especially the study of h-m-logy and h-m-topy.

  • Algebraically

    of, occurring in, or utilizing . mathematics. of or relating to an element that is the root of a polynomial equation with coefficients from some given field: is algebraic over the field of real numbers. using arbitrary letters or symbols in place of the letters, symbols, or numbers of an actual application. historical examples the […]

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