a p-ssy boy
person 1; d-mn he looks like an alhamza
person 2; totally a p-ssy boy

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  • Double squeeze

    when a hoe grab yo d-ck with two hands and squeeze until yo eyes pop out ya head yo that girl gave me the double squeeze last night it was crazy!

  • Phúc Kết

    when you’re supposed to have a formal meeting and do things the right way, but ain’t no one got time for that. “hey bossman, are we supposed to have a đúc kết meeting this sat-rday? “nah, just phúc kết.”

  • Lickyticky

    tongue down d-ck hole let me lickyticky u

  • bae-ja vu

    when you date someone twice, and then suddenly realise you’ve been here before and they are a sh-t. ‘ben i saw my ex last night, i completely forgot how f-cking mad they are’ ‘awww dude, bae-ja vu’

  • Dollar Dollar Bill

    that piece of paper currency with the portrait of george washington on it. dollar dollar bill george washington dollar money currency $1

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