a guys who doesn’t give a f-ck about anything, but smokig weed everyday like snoop dogg.
oh look ! this muddaf-cka is the alhnaity!

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  • Soxiling

    nailing a sock to the bathroom door while you sh-t so the roomies give you peace. a: what’s all that banging upstairs? b: it’s just irene soxiling us again.

  • mysen

    an alternate northern english term for “myself”, used by northerners when they regularly drop letters and syllables from words due to general mouth sound laziness “alright will? you coming for a pint down the bull ring?” “no sorry our kid, got to get mysen back t’north on t’train. ta ra”

  • 24 Hour Drinking Challenge

    originating in newfoundland and labrador, canada’s drunkest province. to complete this challenge you must stay up all day and night and continue drinking for the entire 24 hours without falling asleep. if you fall asleep you lose the challenge and the respect of your friends. me and da bys are going to our buddies shed […]

  • Skeebz

    sh-t the other day, i was stuck in traffic and i had to take a skeebz.

  • zechari

    an amazing guy, that is really outgoing when it comes to sports and school. he is such a “zechari”

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