another word for a very small d-ck. also considered a nerd in most countries.
man he is such an aliaya

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  • frostying

    when you pour a wendy’s frosty, your choice of flavor, down a girl’s vag then exclaim “f-ck you mcdonalds” then enjoy your frosty while pleasuring your b-tch. man i was frostying that b-tch so hard last night.

  • menachery

    menachery is a name for super cool guys. usually those guys are people who are very attractive, supa hot, and extra fun lovin. they are so popular that they can get anybody they want to! hey do you see menachery over there? yeah he’s becoming friends with the coolest senior in the high school! he’s […]

  • smashy face

    the facial expression displayed by someone, whether they realize they’re doing it or not, after they’ve had s-xual intercourse. jessica was showing some serious smashy face after she got home.

  • two nuts and a richard

    the act of one (normally a man ) eating the others -sshole and the making out until said -sshole eater throws up “wow look at those guys doing a two nuts and a richard”

  • trapunzel

    addicted to producing thirst in individuals. also referred to as thirst trapping. gab is trapunzel.

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