Alice french

alice (“octave thanet”) 1850–1934, u.s. novelist and short-story writer.
daniel chester, 1850–1931, u.s. sculptor.
sir john denton pinkstone
[den-tn pingk-stohn,, -stuh n] /ˈdɛn tn ˈpɪŋk stoʊn,, -stən/ (show ipa), 1st earl of ypres, 1852–1925, english field marshal in world war i.
marilyn, born 1929, u.s. novelist and nonfiction writer.
the official language of france: also an official language of switzerland, belgium, canada, and certain other countries. it is the native language of approximately 70 million people; also used for diplomacy. historically, french is an indo-european language belonging to the romance group see also old french, anglo-french
(functioning as pl) the french, the natives, citizens, or inhabitants of france collectively
see french vermouth
relating to, denoting, or characteristic of france, the french, or their language related prefixes franco- gallo-
(in canada) of or relating to french canadians
sir john denton pinkstone, 1st earl of ypres. 1852–1925, british field marshal in world war i: commanded the british expeditionary force in france and belgium (1914–15); lord lieutenant of ireland (1918–21)

old english frencisc “of the franks,” from franca (see frank). the noun is from old english frencisc. as the name of a language, from late 13c.

euphemistic meaning “bad language” (pardon my french) is from 1895. used in many combination-words, often dealing with food or s-x. french dressing recorded by 1860; french toast is from 1630s. french letter “condom” (c.1856, perhaps on resemblance of sheepskin and parchment), french (v.) “perform oral s-x on” (c.1917) and french kiss (1923) all probably stem from the anglo-saxon equation of gallic culture and s-xual sophistication, a sense first recorded 1749 in the phrase french novel.

to take french leave, “depart without telling the host,” is 1771, from a social custom then prevalent. however, this is said to be called in france filer à l’anglaise, literally “to take english leave.”


c-nn-l-ng-s or f-ll-t–; the french wayv: then the perverse chap actually frenched her! (1917+)

related terms

pardon my french

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